World Meet Addie Spahr Kim. Hello World!


Welcome! It’s official! Green Living Consulting is now Addie Spahr Kim, a blog-centered website dedicated to sharing tips, resources, ideas for living a healthier lifestyle so you can enjoy YOUR life to the fullest! Green Living Consulting will continue to serve as the umbrella company and my green consulting services are still available under certain circumstances, but my passion and dedication is to help people discover a health and wellness plan that truly works for them.

We all know that eating well, exercising, getting enough rest and staying hydrated is the formula for a long and healthy life. YET most of us ‘dabble’ in this at best, doing bits and pieces when it conveniently fits into our other lifestyle and career activities. And not because we don’t want to – usually because we are juggling a lot of different priorities and somehow personal health is an easy one to place on the backburner. As a busy mom of two boys and two energetic dogs, wife of a ridiculously busy restaurateur, CEO of the household and my own business – I TOTALLY get it! It’s hard to squeeze it all in. But what I also get is that the longer we ignore our health, the sooner issues arise that start to prevent us from doing all those other things we were doing while ignoring the one thing that is our ticket to independence, to a full life, to ultimate flexibility and enjoyment of whatever it is your aspire to achieve – OUR HEALTH!  Having spent many years in the environmental field prior to becoming a certified health coach, I also am firmly committed to helping my clients understand our connection to the planet we live on and to seek ways to live more in balance through the food we eat, the products we use for our bodies, the materials we use in our homes…you get the picture.

Join along this journey with me! Check in here from time to time, or weekly, or daily! I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you and help you get on the right healthy living path in a way that won’t cramp your busy lifestyle. Just ASK for Wellness, I will deliver!

In love, health, and happines

Addie Spahr Kim