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Toolkit for Healthy Aging


In the Spring of 2013 I teamed up with the incredible Marlene McCallum – the Most Powerful Life founder and a true day-today inspirer on maintaining balance, personal well-being, life purpose, joy and satisfaction with one’s self! As one of her 2013 Guest Speakers, I had to the privilege of talking to people about something near and dear to my heart – Healthy Aging! Having lost both my in-laws to lifestyle diseases and one just a few months ago, I am dedicated more than EVER to helping people understand how important it is to take of ourselves EVERYDAY! Whether you are ten or twenty, forty or seventy – it’s never to late to nourish your body for longevity.

Here is some of the recap from my talk, and the link to the recording and presentation (along with some super awesome extras that I threw in, because I really really do want you to soak all this up and be the healthiest you possible, without giving up all the fun!)

What if you had a toolkit for feeling (and looking!) good nearly 365 days a year and well into the future? When we think about how life will be as we get older, mostly we are taught to focus on saving money in order to afford our lifestyles after we retire – but how many of us are making deposits into the future of our health?

Prioritizing your health today will ensure that you have strength, energy and wellness to live the way you want as you age – reducing your risk of disease and other potential health complications that come from not taking care of ourselves (and not necessarily age).

In the Healthy Aging Toolkit VIDEO you will learn:

  • The real keys to healthy and beautiful aging
  • 5 Must-Do actions to stay looking and feeling good as you age
  • How to lessen your risk of disease and other aging-related illnesses
  • How to simplify your action plan for the greatest health impact!!


CLICK HERE to get YOUR TOOLKIT (scroll down on page for Toolkit for Healthy Aging)

Includes: the 60-minute Health Coach’s Toolkit video, “The Healthy Living and Aging Resource Guide,” the “Food & Mood: What You Need to Know to Feel Better – Now” video, and a copy of Health Coach Addie’s Top 10 Mood Boosting Wellness Practices. (a $175.00 value)
Get the recording and presentation for only $19.97