Work with Me

Work with Me

Wellness is both a mindset and a practice. My goal is help clients achieve their wellness goals by taking the right actions while also approaching all aspects of their life with a healthy, balanced mindset. By using this approach I see WAY more results with my clients and help them identify their internal road blocks so that anything they set out to achieve with my support is lasting and empowering. All client work begins with a Health Strategy Session.

Health Strategy Session, 1.5 hours, rate $150


  • Personalized assessment of your current health based on a Health Strategy Survey (completed before scheduled session)
  • Identification of your top 3 health goals
  • Customized recommendations from me based on assessment and goals, including recipes and meal plans and other healthy lifestyle actions that will be best for YOU!

Schedule a Health Strategy Session today by sending a message to ; subject: Health Strategy Session.

Here’s what my clients are saying

Working with Addie has been incredible. She zoned in not only on my worries but also my aspirations. Together, we conquered the problems and targeted my dreams! One of the many things I learned was to change my lifestyle and eating habits for the long-term, overcoming digestive issues and long-held myths on “healthy” eating. The personalized shopping list was one of my favourites. She motivated me to change my life, all whilst understanding that I have an incredibly busy work and social life (and I mean SUPER busy), adapting and tweaking the program as we went along, ensuring it was realistic for ME. Having Addie as my health and lifestyle coach completely changed my life, and I will be eternally grateful to her!

– Female client

One of the things I appreciate about working with Coach Addie is her genuine interest and support in helping me adopt healthy habits. It’s not just about short-term changes to improve health or lose weight or increase energy – it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle for the long term that includes maintaining balance even while juggling a busy work and social schedule.

– Male client

When I reached out to Addie, I had just discovered my 4-month-old had a sensitivity to dairy and soy. I was managing the chaos of three children under five, nursing and sleep deprived. Due to our family history of food allergies, I had cut major foods from my diet. I was run down physically and emotionally, had recurring illness, and things need to change. Addie was amazing. She developed a realistic and tailored approach to my lifestyle, recognizing its obvious limitations. Instead of telling me to get eight hours of sleep, she gave me a toolbox of ways I could support my body while it was under stress. Her plan and recommendations did not involve a major overhaul of my lifestyle, diet or habits. Instead, she offered small tweaks that transformed and rejuvenated me over time. Addie is caring, professional, and an all around pleasure to work with. I can’t thank her enough.

-Female client

Addie, thank you so much for hosting the healthy living tips workshop. It gave me so many great tips that I was able to easily implement into our busy family schedule and our kids love the food too! Your tips have led me to read more carefully and make healthy decisions that also taste great. I have now lost over 30 lbs, don’t drink nearly as much caffeine and have a lot more energy for my kids. Will definitely be back for another workshop.

– Male workshop attendee