Addie Spahr Kim

If you're looking for a way to balance your busy life while maintaining good health, I'm your girl. I'll give you the formula you need to manage self-care while keeping up with your busy career, your household responsibilities, and your life's passions.

I’m Addie Spahr Kim. I was born Adrienne Spahr, but was given the nickname Addie at birth and it has always stuck. When I got married, my initials became ASK. Pretty cool, right? Well it was even cooler when I decided to launch my own wellness biz because ASK is exactly what I want you to do.  Here’s why:

Since I was a young girl I have struggled with various health issues – allergies, asthma, respiratory illnesses, digestive issues. Despite being a skinny, gawky kid for quite some time I was always into sports and activities. I’m one of those people who finds it hard to sit down and relax, often to the annoyance of my husband and others around me. But it’s just who I am. Because I am a constant mover and doer, I struggle when I don’t have tons of energy to do all the things I enjoy, and so there has been a lot of suffering because of all the health issues I’ve battled over the years. Having visited tons of doctors over the years and undergone tests with no revealing information, I slowly started learning about trying more integrative approaches to my own health.  In the last 90’s I was already a total believer in acupuncture, herbs, colon hydrotherapy and a number of other practices that are still to this day questions in the Western medical field.  Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables has always been part of my regimen, but it wasn’t until after my first child was born and had lots of digestive issues from the moment he came into this world, resulting in eczema and other problems, and struggles with my own health issues that the universe presented me with career 3.0 and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. At that point my life changed forever and only 2 months into school I knew that I would become a health coach and share my own personal healing wellness stories and support other to do the same.

The formula I believe in for staying healthy and happy in our fast-paced world is: Eat Well + Be Well = Live Well!  It seems simple. But for most of us it isn’t. And like me, you likely suffer from TOO-BUSY syndrome. Story of my life, until my body could no longer take it!

For years my health suffered because I pushed myself to the limit. I’m a juggler, but not by trade if you know what I mean. It’s never enough for me to just focus on one thing. I’ve always been one of those people that ‘get’s involved’. I don’t just show up for work – I manage task teams, I take on additional work, and I am most passionate and energized when I have a lot to balance. But that doesn’t mean my body has been able to withstand all of the activity that my brain likes to commit it to – at least not until I was able to utilize my busy-bee nature to pursue a healthier lifestyle and then make it my career.

Here’s the truth. People are busy because either they like to be , or they have to be. Whatever it is that is keeping you so busy, you must know this – your health is your freedom. When you lose your health, you also lose your freedom. So it is VITAL that you prioritize your health right along with your busy lifestyle, if you want to sustain your pace for years to come.

Join me on this journey and discover simple but important steps you can take daily to proactively manage your health. Know what key nutrients your body needs to function at its best, and keep up with YOU! I want nothing more than to share my lessons learned and give you a toolbox that will last you a lifetime.

You should never too busy to look great and feel amazing!