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2016 Health Transformations and Mindset Miracles

2016! It’s here. For some too fast, for others too slow…but it IS, and we must embrace what is. Speaking of embracing, this time of year always sparks some renewed spirit and commitment from me, as it does many others, to get back to what is important from a health perspective. Many of us enter the New Year full of anticipation but also exhausted from the holidays and what was likely a busy lead up to the end of year. I personally am super drained. I had a great getaway with my family to southern California – one of my top happy places – but the East-to-West-to-East transition is never easy. While I am grateful to be back in the comfort of my home and have a moment to myself after 2 weeks of intense family time, I always experience a little bit of an emotional roller coaster leaving the ocean and almost daily sunshine and jumping back into the East coast fast-paced way of life. The good news is that my time in California always sparks creative energy and motivation and I am super pumped to lead a 30-day Health Transformation and Miracle Mindset group January 15-Feb 15 to recharge and get super clean and clear for the upcoming year.

One of the most important tools I have learned through my health coaching training and personal wellness practices is to make the connection between how I think to how I feel. Eating well and ensuring I’m getting wellness support has become critical for my total well-being, but without the mindset practices, even that can only do so much.  It’s no secret what is happening in our brain plays a big role in what happens throughout the rest of our bodies and there is plenty of scientific research to back that up. But my belief in this has come not just from reading the research, but seeing firsthand in my own life and my clients of how truly beneficial this can be.

When I work with clients, the first thing I do is get them to identify how they want to feel because no amount of good food I get them to consume will transform their health if their is any emotional blockage, unhappiness, overwhelming stress, or other internal stress occurring in their lives. With over a decade of experience through life coaching support and personal work I can attest to the fact that changing your mindset is biggest health miracle you can manifest and is absolutely critical to your longevity and long-term personal fulfillment.

In 2015 I really dug deep into this, exploring Daniella Laporte’s Desire Mapping, Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session Intention Workouts, Kris Carr’s Self-Care for Busy People Meditation album and multiple other intention-focused, mindset practices that ultimately translate into improved health.  I’ll be totally honest, I’m horrible at meditation. I have long been studying the health benefits and know it is so beneficial, but I have not been good about making time for this practice. It’s on my top action items for this year, but I also know how important it is to do what works for me. There are LOTS of ways to get your brain rewired and incorporate intention/mantras – what I consider a modified form of meditation for us fast-paced people who often have trouble truly chilling out and meditating.

In the Health Transformation program, I will provide clean-eating/body-tune-up strategies to boost energy and immune system function while also rebooting your brain through weekly intention statements/mantras to really upgrade your mind-body connection. If this intrigues you and you are ready to open your heart, mind, and soul or you know this to be true and need some support and community to revamp your practice, join me for a month-long transformation to re-tune your body and mind. Experience true personal joy and wellness results. I’m hosting this group through Facebook but happy to share all the info via email if you’re not an FB person. Just be sure to message me at for the details or join the Facebook group HERE.

joy, love, and health for the new year